I've driven a vehicle for so many years of my life, I have to confess I sometimes do things out of habit without really thinking of what certain colors mean. This is a great example. Do you know what a red, yellow or white curb means for parking in Missouri? It's more complicated than you might think.

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The question of curb colors and parking has been addressed by the website Your Mechanic. Here's a brief synopsis of what they share about curbs, colors and what they mean for your parking.

White curb - You can park there for a little while, but it's generally understood that's a short term thing.

Yellow curb - This is where the loading fun happens and yes that's sarcasm. Yes, it is for loading and unloading things in a certain area, but don't think you can park there and leave since you'd be blocking someone (you guessed it) who plans to unload or load.

Red curb - You can't park, stand or basically exist in a red zone. Don't even breathe there. Move as in skedaddle since it's a fire zone.

I normally associate red signs or markings with "don't". Yellow makes my mind think "caution" and white...well, white is when my mind goes blank frequently. Now, I just need to make my mind understand that applies to curbs, too.

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