I don't know about you, but every night after dinner is barley finished my girls are asking can they have a dessert. Well, if you are needing some new ideas for a sweet treat, here's the most popular desserts in each state.

According to delish.com, in the state of Illinois people love Chocolate Santa’s. Missouri craves Vegan Christmas Cookies, and Iowa residents love Oreo Balls. I can honestly say I have had two out of the three, but I'm not opposed to trying vegan cookies.

These could be some options to leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve, although eating he's own self might be a bit like Silence of the Lambs. We will be making our cookies over the weekend for Santa (pre-made dough cause well I'm no Martha Stewart and can't bake for the life of me).

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Other notable desserts that I thought were interesting Washington (the state) loves Skittles (not the holiday dessert I would've thought of), pudding seems to be the favorite in the south, and fruitcake (gross) in the Carolina's.

Whatever you enjoy this holiday, I would love to see some of your recipes. I'm always willing to give baking a try, and fail every single time. But there will be a time where I make a kick butt dessert and someone will actually eat it cause they want to and not cause they don't hurt my feelings.

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