Bear with me on this one (see what I did there?)

While driving along Broadway Wednesday evening, I was alerted to two men in bear masks loitering in the parking lot of the 48th Street McDonald’s. Now normally, I’d shrug it off and keep on driving. But knowing full well that one of you loyal readers was going to throw a “pics or it didn’t happen” line my way, I had no choice but to take a quick little Mickey-detour.

I followed them into the restaurant…which was stupid of me, because more times than not, if a couple of masked dudes are walking into a business that has cash on hand, and it ain’t Halloween, someone’s ‘bout to get robbed. Fortunately, they were only in the business of hamming it up for the employees and later for those stuck at the 48th and Broadway light. Bizarre? Yes. But hey, no harm, no foul, right? Just grin it and bear it, I say.

Although, you have to admit that while tragic, it would have been pretty ironic if that old “eats, shoots and leaves” joke actually happened in real life.

Anyway, they didn’t eat. And thankfully they didn’t shoot. They just…leave’d.

After entertaining the passers-by for a few minutes, the they hopped back in the car and they were gone before things turned grizzly. Godspeed, gentlemen. I bear-ly knew ye.

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