This was a bit unexpected. When the brand new list of the most rat-infested cities in America was just announced, two Missouri places suddenly appeared among the top 50.

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Most of the time when I see a new internet "list", I roll my eyes because it's usually just someone's opinion. In this case, I believe the source knows what they're talking about. The folks at Orkin who know a thing or two about pests (including rats) just shared data showing the cities where rats are reported more than any other.

As we've shared before, Chicago almost always ends up near the top of this annual list, but these two Missouri cities don't - until 2023. Oh, and Chicago is #1 again this year so congrats on that.

Kansas City comes in at #34 among the most rat-infested cities while St. Louis clocked in at #39. Looking at you, St. Louis City Hall.

Kansas City has had rats in the news more than once, too.

How come that one episode of Hoarders now comes to mind?

Of all the gnarly lists a city could end up on, this is one of the grossest. Perhaps Kansas City and St. Louis officials should take that "how to get rid of rats without traps or poison" class.

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