It is with a heavy heart that we announce that Dave Comer—the Quincy legend perhaps better known as “Chickenman”—passed away on October 16 at the age of 69.

Dave fought a brave battle with cancer for many years, but never let it affect his trademark optimism and infectious personality. He was a great friend to all of us here at Y101 and we’ll miss him terribly. It was always a joy—to us and our listeners—when he’d stop by and join The Big Dog, D.O., and later Sarah on the morning show.

A few years back, The Big Dog sat down with Dave to learn a little more about his history and how the Chickenman moniker came to be (a story you can view in its entirety HERE). When asked what he would change in his life, Comer offered the following:

“Seriously, not a damn thing! I have had a great life with ups and downs, but I hope I left someone out there happy and smiling.”

You absolutely did, Chickenman. You absolutely did.

For the full obituary, visit the website of Duker and Haugh.

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