The times they are a changing. As the state of Missouri waits for results of a ballot measure in November regarding recreational marijuana, there is a company in the Show Me State that's already developing weed-infused lemonade and potato chips. Got the munchies yet?

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KMBC 9 out of Kansas City shared an interesting interview with a Missouri company that has already developed and is currently shipping weed-induced lemonade and the next step will be a partnership with Guy's Potato Chips. They say this production facility is at an undisclosed location in Kansas City.

According to the report, the company is heavily-regulated as are all products manufactured that are cannabis-derived. The weed-infused lemonade is shipping to dispensaries already while the Guy's chip product is still in development.

This isn't a new trend and, as a matter of fact, Potato Business has a feature on Red Hot Riplets in St. Louis that's already available at dispensaries.

Ballotpedia has a breakdown of all that is involved with the recreational marijuana ballot proposition that will be decided in November in Missouri. The KMBC article estimates that if it's approved in Missouri this year, the state could become a top 10 cannabis market in the United States.

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