While we've not yet seen an official release date for the short zombie film that was shot last summer in Hannibal, we do have a new trailer. The two-minute black-and-white preview looks really great! 

"The American Revenant movie is a short film based on the first book of the American Revenant series, Hometown Exodus," said John L. Davis, a local author who decided to bring the zombie apocalypse to America's Hometown. "The script was adapted for film by the director, Josh Mullner ... Josh read the books and he and I discussed various options available to us. After reading Josh’s script I knew that the project would be amazing."

Several local zombie fans volunteered to appear in the film, which was shot primarily in August at various locations around Hannibal, including Central Park. Deena West Budd, Jamie Grove and Stephanie Verser were among the volunteers who stepped up to play zombies in American Revenant. None of them had ever acted in a movie before. “I’ve always wanted to be a zombie since I saw the original Night of the Living Dead in the 60s,” said Deena West Budd. Verser said she’d always wanted to try acting. “I did drama in school, and it just was a double whammy when it was acting and zombies because I love them both.” Grove says she also has “a huge zombie passion.”

How will zombie fans be able to see the film, once it's finished? "We are working with a couple of local theaters to see if we can set up a showing or two, as well as a book signing on the day of the film’s release," said Davis. "Once we have the film released locally, we will have it on YouTube for everyone around the world to see. We have taken into consideration that there may be folks who want to own a copy and are looking into having DVD’s made available for sale. The thought of showing at film festivals is there, and it is something we may look into as the project moves forward."

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