I thought I was the only one who got himself into bad situations. I have been joined in my exclusive club by a Missouri horse who found himself buried belly-deep in a muddy mess.

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A special team of rescuers had to be called to Warrenton, Missouri when a horse got into a muddy predicament that could have caused big-time health problems if not for the fast action of these people.

They use a lot of technical terms to describe what they accomplished. My takeaway is this. A horse was really stuck deep in mud and ended up in danger. The "animal rescue experts" came to the aid of the animal and now he's gonna be just fine. I'm sure there's more to it than that, but that's what I understand.

The MERS Large Animal Rescue group is worth a follow on Facebook, by the way. Later today, they added video showing the moment they freed the distraught horse.

All's well that ends well and thanks to these heroes that was the situation for this Missouri horse who I predict will be a bit more careful next time he walks on ground that's softer than usual from now on.

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