There's brand new video of a deer named Waylon in DeSoto, Missouri who won't stop interfering with a man trying to work and I have so many questions.

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This man vs deer incident apparently happened just a few days ago in DeSoto, Missouri. The lady who shared the video shared this very matter-of-fact backstory about what the deer is doing:

My husband, Chuck, was trying to anchor the gazebo down at our house and Waylon decided he wanted to join in. It ended with a little headbutting.

So why does the deer have the name Waylon? More on that in a second. First, watch the video.

To get a name, an animal normally needs to be a pet, so this led to a search of "can you have a pet deer in Missouri?". Believe it or not, World Population Review says you can. They say in Missouri you can have a deer as a pet with a permit.

Infographic, World Population Review
Infographic, World Population Review

It appears that Waylon and the family are best buds. I've never heard anyone recommend having a deer as a pet before, but perhaps this family took Waylon in after he was orphaned? I'm just guessing here. My mind and soul are still trying to deal with why this deer is named Waylon. Still so many questions, but things are done differently sometimes near DeSoto, Missouri.

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