It's never easy to lose an old friend and that's true for dogs, too. There's a new video that proves this point showing an Iowa dog who recently lost her best friend get a brand new one.

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According to the video description this happened in Keystone, Iowa recently. Here's the backstory provided by the owner:

Our 13-year-old boxer, Shelby had just passed. Eleanore (8-year-old black boxer in the video) was very lonely without her best friend. We brought home, Kona (the baby boxer in the video), and she’s forced her way to Eleanore's heart.

This is a genuinely heartwarming moment. If you have a Boxer, you'll understand how sweet this breed can be.

The American Kennel Club offered an interesting perspective on how dogs can truly mourn the loss of another dog friend. They mention that (like humans) dogs can withdraw socially and even not eat properly due to the emotional loss of a companion. When it comes to cheering up an animal who's suffered loss, they do mention the advantage of adding a new puppy into the equation.

Such a random, but sweet moment that the owner fortunately captured on video for the rest of the world to enjoy.

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