I've always thought deer were timid and shy creatures. I was obviously very wrong. A new trail cam share is proof as what appears to be a zillion curious deer took the time to do selfies with a trail cam.

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I'm not familiar with the Missouri trail cam YouTube channel that shared this. Based on their video description, they have trail cams set up on 40 acres of land in Missouri and this video is a compilation of all the deer who decided to come by for a photo session.

Grab some popcorn and get ready for a deer show. There are some big bucks that make an appearance, by the way.

But, wait. There's more. More popcorn and refreshments may be needed.

By the way, this same channel also shared video of someone who's happy to keep the deer company on his land. It's a rascally coyote.

We have so many deer in our area that we refer to the blacktop near where we live as Bambi Boulevard. It would seem this Missouri resident could consider renaming roads, too.

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