It's been said that curiosity killed the cat. It doesn't help raccoons either. I know this because there's a new video share showing a trash panda that had to be rescued by a heroic Missouri police officer when he got a jar stuck on his head.

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I need to thank whoever handles the video production for the Oak Grove, Missouri Police Department. The fact they added the theme from The Benny Hill Show to this late night raccoon rescue made it perfect. We can laugh because the adventurous raccoon was not hurt and the officer is fine, too.

Think it's easy being a police officer? Think again. Never know when what should be a boring late night patrol shift will become an episode of Wild Kingdom, the raccoon version.

If you are tempted to Google "what will raccoons eat?", I'll save you some time. The answer is EVERYTHING. My family put out a hummingbird feeder last year and noticed the next morning it was completely destroyed. The plastic petals on the feeder had been chewed off and everything. The villains? Neighborhood raccoons who we saw the next night. And they weren't sorry either.

Well done Oak Grove, Missouri Police Department. Protecting and serving with a sense of humor isn't easy, but they pulled it off. Literally.

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