Of all of natures animals, there is none more talented than a raccoon when it comes to what they're capable of to get to a food source. As exhibit A, I present to you a Midwestern raccoon who contorted himself like a gymnast so he could gain access to a bird feeder.

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This happened recently in Elcho, Wisconsin. If I could give this raccoon a standing ovation, I would.

We have a family of (at least) 4 raccoons that visit our front yard pretty much every night. The fact that God gave these animals fur that makes it look like they have a mask on is appropriate. They are truly food bandits. When I turn the yard lights on, it doesn't scare them off. As a matter of fact, they look at me like "thanks, I can see the seeds better now".

If you do a search for what raccoons eat (I don't recommend it), you'll see the list is long. To sum it up, they eat EVERYTHING. It would have been easier to list what they don't eat which would include cement and steel and that's about it.

Kudos to this Wisconsin bandit on pulling off moves that would make Nadia Comaneci proud.

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