This just in. You don't get to watch the new Batman movie without a ticket even if you're a bat. Don't believe me? There's video of one of these mysterious winged beasts who tried it until he was caught.

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Jeremiah Milligan shared this video with Storyful who dropped it on YouTube. It was at one of the first showings of the new Batman movie featuring Robert Pattinson. It doesn't get much more authentic Batman than this.

There's another angle of this "real" bat moment shared by another person in the same theater.

"Hello, I'm the theater manager. We're gonna turn the lights off now. Hope the real bat doesn't get confused and fly into your hair. Enjoy the show." That isn't what she said, but wouldn't it be cool if she did?

As for the movie, The Batman is averaging around 86% on Rotten Tomatoes which is pretty good for a movie that has a legacy like Batman. As for the bat in the theater, I'd give him/her/it a solid 100% for authenticity.

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