The Virtual Tours around Quincy continue with an inside look at the historic Washington Theater.

Throughout the stay at home orders during the COVID-19 crisis Arts Quincy has been hard at work to provide everyone in the Quincy area with some really special, and unique programming. One of the biggest and most successful things Arts Quincy has come up with are these "Virtual Tours" they have done everything from Dick Brothers Brewery, to Villa Katherine, and everything in between of relevance in Quincy, well now its the Washington Theater's turn! The Virtual Tour of the Washington Theater takes place Tuesday, June 2nd starting at 10 am on the Arts Quincy Facebook page, which can be found by clicking here, they say on their event page...

"Viewers will see inside and hear firsthand how the theater was used when it opened in 1924, about its unique architecture, and efforts on its ongoing restoration. Questions and comments will be answered live!"

For more information on the Virtual Tour of the Washington Theater click here!

And if you are interested in seeing all of the past Virtual Tours that Arts Quincy has put together over the past 2 months, they are available on their Facebook page by clicking here!

I have watched all of these Virtual Tours that Arts Quincy has put together over the past couple months during this quarantine time, and I got to say they are really fun to watch if you are into local history like myself. I promise if you tune into the broadcast on Tuesday, or you watch some of the previous Virtual Tours that they have done in the past, you will learn something about these historic Quincy places you didn't know before!

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