There's a new national feature that Walmart is rolling out and the word on the street is some stores in Illinois will have it. It's a big change, but many will likely love it for its convenience.

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Quick backstory - My dad was a postal worker in Hannibal for more than 30 years. That's why when I hear the word "parcel", my ears immediately perk up. That's one of the words shared by the Walmart corporate site in a press release regarding a new feature they call "Parcel Stations". Here's the quick version of what they're talking about:

Parcel stations help us move goods even faster to a customer’s home by using our Private Fleet to transport more online orders...In many ways you can think of a parcel station like a mini post office that receives and delivers packages.

The Walmart press release is vague on locations, but Retail Dive confirms that Illinois is one of the states where this new feature will be implemented if it isn't already.

Infographic, Retail Dive
Infographic, Retail Dive

Retail Touch Points also confirms this new "parcel station" approach by Walmart. I'm curious how this will affect the speed of online Walmart orders in Illinois. I have to wonder if this isn't an attempt to compete with Amazon who has UPS deliver to local post offices who then complete the at-home delivery.

I haven't seen this in any Illinois Walmart yet, but it's not like I've been able to visit all of them in the state (nor do I plan to). Check out the corporate Walmart statement to see what kind of delivery goodness is coming to Illinois soon if not already.

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