I think it's safe to say considering my history that I'm really not the person who should be labeling things as "strange". However, an argument could be made that I'm the perfect person to be the crown prince of odd. That's why I was very pleased to learn that Illinois Walmart stores are full of items that are downright bizarre.

See if you agree that these items that you really can pick up in Illinois Walmart stores are a bit strange and I mean that in the best possible way.

7 Bizarre Things You Can Get at Walmart in Illinois

Gallery Credit: Walmart.com

Who wouldn't love to pick up some evil clown shoes to let outsiders know that John Wayne Gacy was here? If you're a cook, nothing says appetizing quite like having your food in the shape of worms. I think any self-respecting Illinoisan would be proud to display a t-shirt showing raccoons howling at the moon, too.

7 Strangest Things You Can Get at a Missouri Walmart

Gallery Credit: Walmart.com

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