While all eyes have been on the Olympics in London this week, quite a few heads were turning at the Junior Olympic in Texas last week. Six members of the Gem City Gymnastics and Tumbling team recently returned from the 2012 Junior Olympics held in Houston, Texas.

The team had 29 athletes qualify for the event but only 6 were able to attend.

Brooks Scholfield of Quincy earned a Gold medal in the advanced-elite tumbling competition. He also recieved the Joe Ferrel Outstanding Performance Award which is awarded to only one male and one female out of all who competed. Brooks also held the highest tumbling score making him the National Champion.

Maggie Schutte of Quincy ,in the intermediate tumbling event, captured a silver medal. She also had the highest score of any Illinoisan competing.

Mick Bramlett from LaBelle, Missouri competed in  the sub-advanced tumbling  and earned a Gold Medal and he also captured another Gold medal in the double mini event as well.

Carey Rodas of Lewistown, Missouri won a Silver medal in novice tumbling, Brenna Phillips of Quincy took 12th place overall in intermediate tumbling and Kayla McElroy of Quincy finished 6th in the sub-novice tumbling competition.

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