You won't often see a fireball as brilliant as this one. Multiple security cameras recorded a massive meteor as it streaked across the Midwest with numerous reports of being sighted over Illinois.

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The American Meteor Society has already received dozens of reports (and still counting) of this big fireball with a brilliant tail in the early morning hours of Sunday, February 26, 2023. Here are videos shared by Joseph Yates on their site.

Here's another video from Joseph Yates from a different angle.

So far there are reports of sightings of this meteor in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and also Missouri. As bright as this meteor was and with that long visible tail as it entered the atmosphere, I would imagine we'll see even more videos and pictures shared.

The American Meteor Society website is a fascinating place to follow these incoming space rocks. It's already been a very active year and with known meteor showers like the Lyrids expected in mid-April, it doesn't look like the fireballs over us will slow down any time soon.

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