It's Veteran's Day weekend and there are plenty of activities planned in the area including the 5th Annual Veteran's Day Parade tomorrow in Quincy.

Last year there were 92 entries and this year the total is 93. The parade goes from 12th to 5th on Maine and begins at 10am.

I will be a part of the parade helping to hold the Quincy Exchange Club's huge American Flag as we march it down Maine street.  I am not a veteran and it is one of my biggest regrets. I wanted to be but got quite a bit of resistance from my parents since my brother was in Vietnam already.  So any chance I get to help out I try to do it.

Jim Ponsot and Dick McKinney of the Parade Committee came to me five years ago to ask how I put on the St. Patrick's Parade and they asked questions on how to get their parade started. I was glad to assist them.

Now to see just how big this has gotten is amazing to me especially the flyovers they have been able to get  for the event. I know there are a lot of events going on Saturday but please take an hour of your day and come down and watch the parade and thank these veterans for their service to our country.

Wear your red, white and blue and wave your flags as they go by tomorrow and remember to keep your eye to the sky for the B-25 Bomber that will be flying over the parade route.

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