Chicago makes the list, but there is another city in Illinois that makes the list of the 50 Dirtiest Cities in America, and it wasn't a city I expected to be on the list at all.

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Get our free mobile app released a list of 2022's Dirtiest Cities in America and Illinois sadly had two entries on the list, Chicago which comes in at number 10 on the list, and then Aurora which lands at the 29th spot on the list. Chicago makes the top ten based on a number of factors including the fact that it is ranked the 4th highest city for living conditions, and the site goes on to say...

"...Chicago finished No. 10 but tied for No. 1 in the share of homes with sewage disposal breakdowns in the past 3 months."

To be honest Chicago just due to its size and amount of people probably should make the top 10, however one of the things Chicago has going for it compared to cities like Houston (ranked 2nd on the list) or Los Angeles (ranked 3rd on the list) is that Chicago has alleyways behind their buildings to hide the garbage from the sidewalks and streets. I was however surprised to see Aurora make the list, Aurora, if you don't know, is a suburb of Chicago and has quickly grown into (according to the second most populated city in Illinois with 180,000 plus people. My aunt lives in Aurora and I have been there many many times and never once did I feel like Aurora is a "Dirty" town.

What about towns in Missouri? Well according to this list no cities in Missouri made the top 50 for dirtiest cities in America. Check out the full list for yourself by clicking here!

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