I have been reading with interest the comments shared on social media concerning the trash that was left behind in the area of the recent carnival during the Dogwood Festival weekend. Blame was thrown around like a trash can in a tornado.

Speaking of trash cans, some people voiced a concern over needing more trash cans or dumpsters in the area. Speaking from experience in cleaning up after an event, unless that trash can is right next to a person, that piece of trash is all be destined for the sidewalk or street.

Complainants’ pointed out the wonderful cleanup process used for other events in The District with a list of those events provided.  Somehow, the St. Patrick’s Parade cleanup wasn’t mentioned. Hum??? One could have eaten off the streets after the St. Patrick’s Parade ended. It was left better than when we got it. But I digress.

The problem isn’t that the trash wasn’t picked up. The problem is that people made the trash that wasn’t picked up.  This problem is not unique to a carnival in The District. Just drive around and look at the trash people have thrown out of their car windows. It's enough to make one sick.


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