Mail never stops (except on major holidays), but with the bitter cold headed our way, it might be worth it to do your part to ease our letter carriers' burden just a bit. Hold your mail until the Polar Vortex temperatures are behind us.

On the USPS website, there is a way that you can have you mail held for however long you want. Simply click "Hold Mail" and follow the steps. This is usually done if you're going out of town for a time, but it'll work for this too. It takes less then two minutes to put a hold on your mail for a couple days. And you'll get everything delivered to you just as soon as you take the hold away (when temperatures aren't as dangerous).

Do I think that everyone in Illinois is going to do this? Of course not. But hey, if a few of us can save the men and women a handful of stops, it might make a big difference. I know I wouldn't want to be outside in these temperatures, so I'd hate for my letter carrier to have to make a special stop at my house just to drop off some junk mail

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