Bowling can be a hard sport, one little bowler in Quincy proved that even falling down you just need to get back up.

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After a hard day of school, Rocco went bowling with his mom and a friend. They wanted to do something fun and thought that bowling would be the perfect fun activity. They headed to Tangerine Bowl and started bowling with their fancy shoes on. Rocco however was so into making sure that he got the bowling ball in the right place on the floor that he passed the infamous black line that you are not supposed to cross and soon found out why you are not to cross that line.

Poor Rocco fell right on his bottom, with his feet coming up right underneath him, and of course, it was caught on video. Don't worry he is ok and you can hear the person shooting the video and the other person laughing (which I would totally do myself once I knew he was ok). I am sure he got right back up and tried again.

We've all been there, slipping on the wax of the bowling lane (or is that just me). I am grateful there was no one taking video of it because I am sure someone who was considered "my friend" would post that in a heartbeat.

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