U.S. Postal Service

Ever Wonder What Zip Code Numbers Mean?
If you remember Mr. Zip you are showing your age. Mr. Zip was the friendly animated postal worker that was used to promote the Postal Service's "new" delivery system using zip codes. Fifty-four years ago the first zip codes came out with ZIP being an acronym for Zoning Improve…
First Class Postage Stamps Reduced to 47 Cents
I have been on the planet for a while but I have never experienced this before.  The cost of a first class stamp from the U.S. Postal Service went down last Sunday by two cents. You read that right. The cost to mail a first class letter is now 47 cents and not 49 cents as it was last Saturday.
Tid Bits From The Big Dog
The more stories I read the more I have become convinced that people are getting increasing more ridiculous. Here are a few examples of stories I came across recently.

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