A year ago I wrote a scathing blog criticizing the government for cancelling all of the Air Force Thunderbirds and the Navy Blue Angels performances in 2013. Well, after a year off due to government cutbacks, the Air Force Thunderbirds and the Navy Blue Angels are resuming their high flying acrobatic shows all over the United States this year.

The Thunderbirds will hold 66 shows this year thrilling spectators in 34 locations. The closest location to this area will be Rockford, Illinois when the Thunderbirds do their show on June 7 and June 8. This will be the 61st year for the Air Force Thunderbirds performances.

Meanwhile, the Navy Blue Angels will also resume flying this year with 68 shows scheduled at 38 locations. The Blue Angels, in their 68th year of performing, are scheduled to perform in St. Louis on May 3 and 4 and will be in Chicago on August 16 and 17.

Having lived near Air Force Bases most of my life, I probably have seen some 30 or so shows in my lifetime and won't turn down the chance to see another. If you have never seen one of these performances, I strongly encourage you to attend one in the near future.  It is a show you and your children will remember for a lifetime.

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