The Hulse brothers in Rensselaer, Mo learned the value of sharing their blessings by sharing the beef they raised in a 4-H project.
Selby, Edward, and Burton Hulse donated and delivered 500 pounds meat to the Monroe City Food Pantry.  “If everyone gets a quarter pound cheeseburger that would make 2,000 meals,” said Selby Hulse, age 12. “So, you could feed 2,000 people which is kind of cool.”
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For the Hulse boys’ parents, they hope this act will have a much greater impact than just feeding people. “We believe in paying it forward to those who might need a helping hand,” said Ryan Hulse, the boys’ dad. “Teaching our kids to be loving, generous, God-fearing Christians is our number one job as parents. If each of us can do that we will leave this world a better place.”
The Hulse family worked with the United Way of the Mark Twain Area to donate the beef. They raised the steer as part of their 4-H project, and timed their donation in conjunction with 4-H Week.
For Sarah Easton, the Youth Program Associate at University of Missouri Extension who oversees the 4-H Program in Marion County, this is a beautiful thing to see during National 4-H week. “In 4-H, we are all about learning and practicing leadership and citizenship," said Sarah Easton who oversees the program in Marion County. "Selby, Edward, and Burton Hulse are a shining example of the character and values 4-H promotes and we are very proud of them."

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