Just when you think you've seen everything a home could possibly offer, there's this. It's an exotic Kansas City area mansion with its own underground scuba diving pools.

I saw this elaborate Kansas City mansion on Realtor and also on Pricey Pads Facebook page. The home was built by a guy who was an avid scuba diving enthusiast. He wanted his hobby to be readily available and this is the result. It's a massive home with its own underground scuba diving pools.

This Kansas City Mansion Has Underground Pools for Scuba Diving

According to Pricey Pads Facebook status update, this home just sold for a modest $2.55 million dollars. They report that the late owner wanted an outside scuba diving area and the project just kept growing until it also included water-filled tunnels underneath the home. I've never seen anything like this in all my years of browsing real estate locations. Crazy cool.

The other aspects of the home are interesting, too. It has a "Spirit of Avalon" European theme running throughout with huge dragon doors, a large wine cellar and indoor tile that looks like it could have come from a medieval castle.

It's a one-of-a-kind property and it's very near to our neck of the woods in Kansas City, Missouri.

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