I have a deeply-held conviction that everyone should have access to a zipline. That's not likely to happen unfortunately. I guess the next best thing would be to live near a place that's lets you swing through the trees like you're Tarzan. There is such a place in St. Louis.

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I saw an article today by Only In Your State that mentioned the longest canopy walk in Missouri in Kansas City. It's what's called the Go Ape Adventure Park and they have a location in St. Louis, too at 13219 Streetcar Drive in Maryland Heights, Missouri.

What is Go Ape?

It's a treetop adventure with ziplines, canopy walks, rope swings - fun Tarzan stuff, but safer.

It looks like the St. Louis place has a lot of variety. There's the typical treetop adventure, one that's called a journey and yet another that is a night obstacle course with a 200 foot zipline. Sign me up for that.

I also saw they now have what's called a Forest Escape. Think escape room, but in the trees...and you're Tarzan.

It all looks like a lot of fun and even though they've apparently been in St. Louis for more than a decade, I've never heard of them until now.

It's not an adventure for everyone and there are physical and age requirements for obvious reasons. Best idea is to check the Go Ape St. Louis website if you're interested in being...(*drum roll*)...you guessed it. Tarzan.

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