I had to be at the radio station this morning in the 4am hour to assist with some technical issues and as I was driving in I couldn't help but notice the huge full moon above. It was so bright I could have driven without my lights on .  As bright as it was, it was even more illuminating when I drove home last night and saw it rising into the eastern sky. It got me to thinking about the name of this moon. Did you know that each month there is a different name for the full moon?  

Most of us know of the "Hunter's moon" in the fall but I bet you didn't know the name of this full moon.  I didn't until I looked it up. That great big moon last night and the one that will rise off to the east tonight is call the "Full Buck" moon.  It is named for the time of the year when bucks begin to grow their antlers.  It is also known as the "Thunder Moon" because there are frequent July thunderstorms.

So when you are around the dinner table tonight or the water cooler at work looking intelligent, ask your family or co-workers what the name of the July Full Moon is?  If they answer "Buck" or "Thunder", don't ask any more questions.   You have just met your match.

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