We do a little bit on the morning show called "People Stories". It airs at 7:15 am Monday through Friday and it deals with people and some of the stupid things they do. Whenever I am out and about I hear from people who listen and comment about the one I used that morning. It's funny in that I seem to hear from more of you when the moon is full. That's when the really crazy stories come out. I was reading papers and magazines this weekend and came across several "People Story" candidates. For instance, a lady got on a plane in Des Moines on a flight to Chicago. She discovered she was missing her wallet and created quite a fuss over it and demanded to get off the flight. The flight attendants helped search for it but found no wallet. The plane was about to leave and she was screaming to be let off the plane to search the terminal. She created such a scene that security had to be called in and she finally got her way and was let off in Des Moines. Her wallet was not found in the terminal either but was actually found on the plane when it landed in Chicago. Another Y101 "People Story" candidate would be the Arkansas woman visiting her daughter in Bloomington, Illinois. Apparently she was in Bloomington because her boyfriend didn't invite her to join him on a cruise and she didn't like it. She was so upset about it that she called in a bomb threat to Carnival Cruse Lines for the ship headed to Mexico. Now she will be "cruising" to the mess hall from her jail cell because of it. Just might use this one tomorrow at 7:15am. By the way the next full moon is May 6th so be listening that week for the really crazy stories.

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