Sometimes the best things are those that you didn't originally intend to do. That's true of a St. Louis, Missouri restaurant that is credited for inventing toasted ravioli and it happened completely by accident.

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Back in the 1940's, this Missouri restaurant was called Angelo's. As the story goes, it was a night in 1947 when they accidentally created culinary gold. Only In Your State says a cook in Angelo's was in a hurry and dropped ravioli into a pot he thought had water in it. What he didn't initially know is it had something else inside - oil.

The result? Toasted ravioli. You are welcome. 

Angelo's is now known as Charlie Gitto's Restaurant On The Hill.

Let's be clear that there are 3 different St. Louis places that have said they invented toasted ravioli, so this is a disputed title. Tasting Table says that Lombardo's and Oldani's in St. Louis also have stories to tell about how this luscious dish originated with them. Can't we all just get along?

Does it really matter? To those of us that love it, nope. To these St. Louis restaurants (all of which are epic I don't doubt), you betcha. No matter which story you believe and which restaurant you credit, there is no doubt that toasted ravioli is a St. Louis original and that's proven food history.

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