Have you ever thought about changing jobs or careers? Just about everyone has some time in their lives. Those thoughts can come at your current workplace or perhaps even in your own home. Mine came yesterday when I was watching baseball on TV.  During the game I was watching, there was a close play at the plate and the umpires were gathering to review the "safe" call made by the home plate umpire. It was then that it him me. I thought to myself, this is the job I want to do.

This job was made for me and I would be darn good at it. I would be the guy that could change the outcome of a game or even the World Series by my presence. The fans would applaud or they would boo because of my being there. My role in the game would be so important that TV would show multiple angles of the play to make sure the correct call was made. I would even be in touch with another umpire in New York how would make the final decision.

How great would this job be for me.  It's right up my alley. I'd have the best seat in the house watching Major League Baseball right in front of my eyes for 162 games and sometimes not even have to make one call during the game.

The hardest part for me would be making sure the headsets work for the umpires to listen during the review. Oh, did you think I wanted to be an umpire? No way!  I just want to watch the game and call New York when they need me to!

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