Today at Y101 Radio is the equivalent of the first day at a new school. The initial day at that new school is always an anxiety attack waiting to happen only because of the newness of it all. Well, such is the case for all of us here at the radio station.  Today marks the first day of our usage of a brand new broadcast system and like day one of being in that new school, it is day one for us.  It is all new. The computers are different, the computer programs are different, and the control board is somewhat different. As a result, we will be a little different in that we will be making a few mistakes along the way. It's like walking into the new school's wrong classroom until we get acclimated to it all (some may say we make mistakes all the time).

Oh, there will be brain freezes, hair pulling and some may even say chaos going on until we get it all figured out. Over the long haul though, it will make us sound better for you our listeners.  So please bear with us for a few days as we work our way into the new technology available to us.

Just think of Dennis Oliver as Stevie Wonder and me as Ronny Milsap.  It'll be the blind leading the blind but eventually we will both be sighted again.

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