There is a little town in New Jersey called Wildwood and they are about to set a trend in America's fashion.  Wildwood's City Council is set to pass a law prohibiting "sagging" or baggie pants from being worn in the city's limits.  

It is a fad that according to an article in the Quincy Herald Whig originated in our prison system and has been popularized by hip-hop artists and embraced by youths.  It is also a fad that many residents don't want to see and that is apparently the case in Wildwood.

I for one have never understood it anyway.  Why would I want to walk around holding my pants up as I walk or be showing my underwear above my pants? I know it is a fad and fads eventually go away but it is a fad that most people would like to see go away now.   So hats off to Wildwood and lets see if this catches on in other cities.

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