Don't watch this ridiculous YouTube video of Quincy, it will only give it more views and that's not a good thing for the Gem City.

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Ok so I'll admit it...The other day I got stuck in a YouTube rabbit hole, the kind of rabbit hole where you end up watching multiple videos of news bloopers, different ways to make dips, power washing videos, and then I stumbled upon this video that was about Quincy.

The title of the video is what really got me, it is titled Does Illinois's "Gem City" Live Up to It's Name, and I thought well this seems like something I have to watch. The video was uploaded August, 13th 2020, so fairly recently, and it has over 5,300 views, the person who uploaded it is named Chris Harden, and he has many of these videos about other towns.

Basically the video is a 21 minute long dash cam video of him driving through the streets of Quincy on a gloomy day. It's poor quality, badly narrated, and doesn't even cover 1/3rd of the town! I STRONGLY RECCOMEND YOU DONT WATCH IT, but for reference to see it click here. 

Why do I tell you not to watch it, well because it's a bad video and we shouldn't give it more views. INSTEAD I would implore someone out there who's from Quincy, and has great camera work, and editing skills to do their own version of this video. Where you show the whole town, on a non gloomy day, and let me narrate why Quincy DOES live up to the name the Gem City.

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