The battle of who was the best for ketchup was won by the Heinze Company, but there was once another that tried to be the top dog in the condiment war.

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The only difference between Catsup and Ketchup is the spelling, but the Heinz brand became more popular and is what we see in the stores nowadays. The Catsup brand produces catsup but is based now somewhere else and has switched the "c" to a "k" spelling of the brand. The former brand is not produced in the Collinsville Factory anymore.

However, you can miss this large water tower just south of Collinsville, Illinois. This is the world's largest bottle of catsup and sits 170-feet above the ground. The bottle was built for the Brooks Castup Bottle and is now a roadside attraction for many to visit.

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The tower was built to supply water to the nearby Brooks catsup plant and was restored in 1993. The city turned down the opportunity to purchase the water tower due to the costly repairs so the Catsup Bottle Preservation Group raised over $80,000 to repair the now-famous catsup bottle. You will find the catsup water tower on Route 159 and hard to miss in the city of Collinsville. In August of 2002, it was named to the National Register of Historic Places.

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