The Red Light Bar & Grill is closing its doors, as the building they are located in has been purchased.

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According to a Facebook post on The Red Light Bar & Grill's Facebook Page, the Quincy restaurant will be closing. In the post they say...

"We were notified today via an email that we have to vacate the premises. The people buying the building had one final stipulation and that is that we and all.of our stuff needs to be out when they take possession. After surviving the last year it is unbelievable that this is where we are right now."

They go on to say they will be hosting a final goodbye bash on Saturday night, with the Raised on Radio playing live music. The "One Last Big Night" event is slated to start at 6pm and go all the way until 1am Sunday morning. For more information on The Red Light Bar & Grill closing their doors, and their "One Last Big Night" check out their Facebook page by clicking here! 

Such a bummer to see this really fun and unique Quincy restaurant have to close their doors, especially since they fought so hard to make it through all the restrictions of the past year. Well it is safe to say you will certainly find me at The Red Light Bar & Grill this weekend getting one more brilliant tenderloin, and enjoying some live music! I can only hope whoever purchased the building has something really fantastic planned for that special space!

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