Why would a town have a zip code if it really isn't a town at all? There are many in Missouri that would like to solve this mystery as there is a zip code assigned to a town with nobody there.

I saw this on the Missouri sub-Reddit page. It's a question about Lead Hill, Missouri. They mentioned that a zip codes website had a number assigned to them, but there is a population of 0.

I decided to take the red pill ala The Matrix and go down the rabbit hole to see what's going on with Lead Hill, Missouri.

First, I can confirm the Reddit contributor is correct. Zip Codes shows 72643 is assigned to Lead Hill, Missouri and there is zero population there. Curious.

Further exploration on Wikipedia shows there is a Lead Hill summit in Missouri where a lead mine existed in 1870. People there? Nope.

Home Town Locator shows a Lead Hill in Missouri in Wright County, but it's within the zip code of 65704 so that's not it.

Zip Codes shows the Lead Hill in Missouri with no population is in Taney County. Curiously, if you go to the Lead Hill (township) in Taney County street view on Google Maps, you get this.

Google Maps Street View
Google Maps Street View

So strange. Is there a M. Night Shyamalan "The Village" type of thing going on here? That theory is better than any other I've heard so far about the mysterious Lead Hill, Missouri...the town with a zip code and a population of none.

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