If the legend is to be believed, this is one Missouri bridge you don't want to drive over when it's your wedding day. The stories claim there is a sad bride who was murdered before she was married that resides there.

I've seen this Missouri urban legend mentioned in many places including videos and also articles like the one on Renegades of Folklore. The bride under the bridge is said to frequent an area near Phelps County Park near Springfield, Missouri. She is said to be under the bridge that goes over Bennett Street in that part of the state.

Why is her ghost remaining under a bridge and what has caused that belief to be passed along for generations? Here's a snippet from Renegades of Folklore:

Strange occurrences such as chairs tipping over, missing objects, and a torn-apart bouquet found under one of the bridges have been reported; perhaps "the bride" feels mocked on these days of celebration.

The bride under the bridge has been mentioned among the top 10 urban legends in Missouri including this one.

These two investigators captured video of some type of entity under that infamous bridge. Creepy.

I've heard of other investigators who have ventured under the Phelps County Park bridge and recorded abnormal readings on their ghost hunting equipment. Could it be a figment of everyone's imagination? Sure. Are there enough anecdotal stories to suspect there's some truth behind this legend? Absolutely.

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