It probably doesn't speak well of me that when I hear of something super cheap, I'm immediately suspicious. Imagine my reaction when I found what I believe is the cheapest Airbnb in the state of Missouri and it's not even scary (I don't think).

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As of this writing, this $14 Airbnb in Tower Grove in St. Louis is the least expensive place you can stay in Missouri unless someone will let you sleep in their yard for free. If I understand correctly, the hosts are even offering free tickets to the botanical garden.

In a place like this, it's good to know about the hosts. In this case, here's how Clare describes herself:

We are a couple who LOVE St. Louis and love sharing it with other people. Things we love about hosting... 1. Sharing our love of St Louis. Brick buildings, Tower Grove Park, Farmer's Markets, non chain restaurants, City Museum, St Louis Zoo, St. Louis Museum of Art, Botanical Gardens, Magic House, and more! 2. Hosting groups and families. We don't child proof the place for you because each family has different ways - but we aren't offended if you move things around! 3. Hosting artsy types! I ran an art organization for 12 years, so I'm always happy when artsy types come to stay. We have traveled around the United States, Scotland, England, Belgium, France and the Netherlands with Airbnb. We are happy to be hosts for other travelers.

They seem like nice people. Check out a few pics of their place.

The Least Expensive Missouri Airbnb is $14 (and It Isn't Scary)

I must admit that if I were traveling alone, I'd consider a place like this. If you just need a place to sleep and you trust the hosts, you could do worse. Note: if you see a red balloon floating near the window, it's probably nothing.

All kidding aside, check out the complete listing to see what the least expensive Airbnb in Missouri gets you.

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