I have been blessed to do a lot of things in my lifetime that most people don't get to do. Most of them were good and some not so good . Such was the case for the Big Dog's one and only shot at doing live TV weather for KHQA some 30 years ago yesterday.  I know the exact day because it was also the day that Steve Felde, KHQA's weather guy on weekends then, and his bride Nancy got married. Hence, the reason I ended up doing the weather, so Steve could get married.

I volunteered to do it for him. What was I thinking?  I had never done TV weather before and it involved standing in front of a blank wall and pretending the map of the United States was there and pretend I did. How hard could that be? I was soon to find out as nothing went right. Fortunately, there is no video of this that I am aware of.

I brought this episode in my life up on the Y101 Radio Morning Show to my co-host Sarah Deien, who knows way more than I do about how TV can really make you look bad through no fault of your own. If you missed that conversation, here it is.

Happy 30th anniversary to Steve and Nancy Felde. Had you two not fallen in love and get married, I would have never had the opportunity to completely realize that radio was the place for me and for that I am eternally grateful.


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