Here it is March 1, 2018.  It is time to get rid of the Gregorian Calendar that we all follow. Well, not all since I don't follow it. The Big Dog Calendar needs to replace the Gregorian Calendar. With my calendar, I am celebrating the first day of Spring today. The rest of you must wait until March 20th for your first day of Spring. So I say, why wait? Come on over to the Big Dog's Calendar. As far as I am concerned, Winter is December, January and February. March has Spring written all over it.  It's a green month and with that said, I made my annual weather prediction for the upcoming St. Patrick's Parade yesterday on the Y101 Radio Morning Show.

I have never kept a record of all of my predictions, but I can honestly tell you I have been pretty accurate over the years. If you missed it yesterday, here is a recording of how it all went down yesterday.

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