With each and every St. Patrick's Parade a new memory is made in some way or another. Memories of being in the parade, watching it or both. As I stroll or ride down the street each year with my good friend Dennis Oliver, I can't help but think of how many thousands of people have been a part of this event over the past 33 years. When I came up with the idea I never could have fathomed where this parade would go. The concept has always been the same and that is "people out having some fun". Unfortunately, our fun will have to be delayed until next March as this year's parade has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus scare.

I have my favorite memories of the parade and they include being stopped by the police for walking in the street without a permit in year #1. One year seeing this miniature schnauzer on a green leash wearing a small derby hat is another one. Oh, there was the time someone pulled a wagon with a green cage with a hamster in it. Last year we had a goldfish in the parade.

We have had just about everything show up in the previous St. Patrick's Parades. I could go on and on, but I digress. I would love to hear your favorite memories of the St. Patrick's Parade. So feel free to share your memories!

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