Being a single mom can be extremely difficult, especially with the rising costs of rent, groceries, and clothes. One website set out to find the cities across the US that are best suited for single moms to succeed, and the second best city for single moms happens to be right here in the Land of Lincoln.

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According to, Naperville, Illinois is the second-best city for single moms in the US behind only Roseville, California. Naperville ranks just ahead of cities like Portland (Oregon), Overland Park (Kansas), and Madison (Wisconsin), in the article they say...

"Quality education and health care are big priorities for parents. Small cities and suburbs set the standard for the rest of the country, especially in the Health and Education category. Wealthy suburbs Naperville, Illinois (No. 2), Overland Park, Kansas (No. 4),  Irvine, California (No. 7), and Frisco, Texas (No. 13), have the highest-rated school districts in the country, making them great for both single moms and dads."

The site ranked the top 200 most populated cities in the US, so there may be better really small cities like we live in here in the Tri-States for single moms but they weren't considered. Other cities we know like Kansas City finished 101, Chicago finished 141, and St. Louis finished 150th, to see the full list for yourself click here!

Being a single mom has many challenges and I'm sure that if you are a single mom being around family would be really important, but I do think this ranking has value for single moms who are looking for a fresh start somewhere new.

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