There's a brand new list of the best places to live in America and one of the top 5 just happens to be this quaint Illinois town that really isn't that quaint. It begs the question if it really is one of the best places to put your roots down in the United States. Let's explore that.

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I want to be clear that this is not my opinion. It's a new 2023 ranking that's just been shared by Niche. To their credit, they do specialize in finding places to live, work and hopefully flourish.

Their choice is likely to be a bit controversial. The #4 best place to live in America? (*drum roll*)...

Naperville, Illinois

Before I get to the "allegedly" part, let's admit that Naperville specifically is a very pretty community with lots of stuff to do as this epic drone footage shows.

What's wrong with Naperville?

Actually nothing except for the fact that every time I share something about Naperville, someone will either message me and/or slay me online saying "it's really Chicago".

In defense of Naperville, it does not share some of the big negatives of Chicago proper meaning the crime rate isn't awful. It's also the neighbor to Aurora, Illinois which is Wayne and Garth's hometown. (*Schwing!*)

I'm not siding with the anti-Chicago area crowd. The few times I've been to or near the Windy City, it's been a fine experience. Would I want to live there? Nope, but that's just me.

Check out the full Niche list of most livable cities for 2023 as there are some other doozies on there like Berkeley, California. (*sigh*)

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