There is another meeting tonight to avert a potential teacher strike in the Quincy Public School System. The Teachers Union wants a 1.45 percent salary increase for teachers, faculty and staff.  The School District is offering a 1.3 percent salary increase for all union employees.

After a marathon bargaining session which lasted until 12:45 in the morning last Wednesday night, the two sides will try to hammer out a settlement today. Lets hope they do.

The last thing this community needs is over 1300 students out of school causing working parents to scramble to find people to watch them.

In listening to others discuss this potential teacher’s strike, some people are questioning why they didn’t negotiate this next contract between June and September to prevent any lost school time in case of a potential strike? It’s called leverage and the union would lose some of it by doing that.

The argument is over money, but remember what we are really leveraging is the education of our students.  Hopefully, we will get an agreement after tonight's meeting.

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