Elsewhere on this site, you'll find a rundown of all the events going on this weekend. One thing we didn't mention is that this is Father's Day weekend.

Admittedly, Father's Day isn't the big deal that Mother's Day is. Although Father's Day was first celebrated in the Spokane, Washington area in 1910, there wasn't an official Presidential proclamation declaring Father's Day an official holiday until 1966.

The beginnings of Father's Day in Spokane came through the efforts of Sonora Dodd. Her mother died in childbirth and her father raised her and her siblings. After hearing a sermon about Mother's Day, she decided fathers should have a day, too. Since her father's birthday was in June, she encouraged churches in Spokane to honor fathers in June of 1910.

Whether you spend this weekend getting in touch with or spending time with your dad, or if you mark the occasion remembering, make it a point to take of the day.

In my opinion, one of the best tributes to dad came from the legendary broadcaster Jack Buck. Happy Father's Day!

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