Father's Day will be here before you know it, which got me thinking about some of my favorite TV dads. The people over at hottowatch.com compiled a list of each state's "Top TV Dad" and the results are surprising!

Since I watch a ton of TV, I have a few favorite TV dads. I'm definitely partial to Jack Pearson from This is Us, Homer Simpson from The Simpsons, and Danny Tanner from Full House. They're all good role models for their kids (well maybe not Homer).

So who is the top TV dad according to TV viewers in Illinois, Missouri and Iowa?

Illinois went with Homer Simpson, which I suppose is a fair choice. Not the best role model, but he sure is funny (plus he's from Springfield...we just don't know which one). Missouri went a little more traditional with their choice of Ward Cleaver from Leave It To Beaver which definitely makes sense. Iowans picked Jason Seaver from Growing Pains as their favorite. All good fictional dads to choose from.

Other TV dads making the list include Joe West (The Flash), Tony Micelli (Who's The Boss), Gomez Addams (The Addams Family), and Richard Gilmore (Gilmore Girls).

Did they get it right? Yeah, I think so. But I am surprised that there were a few dads left out. Like Mike Brady (although the show was all about the kids). Last month we learned that Carol Brady was by far the top TV mom, but I guess no love for Mr. Brady. Or how about Archie Bunker (All in the Family) or Tony Soprano...hey just because he was in the mafia doesn't mean he wasn't a good dad.

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there...both real and fictional.

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