I don't know if he planned to run to the border, but a St. Louis, Missouri man allegedly did something very unusual. He stole a taco that wasn't his and he used (allegedly) a BB gun to do it.

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I found this unusual (even by St. Louis standards) story on The Smoking Gun. According to a police report they shared, a 19-year-old man named Antonio Murray needed a taco. Here's a snippet of the probably cause statement shared by The Smoking Gun from the circuit clerk's office:

Infographic, The Smoking Gun
Infographic, The Smoking Gun

The charge alleges that Antonio showed up at Lilly’s Panaderia which is located at 2819 Cherokee Street in St. Louis. The Yelp reviews do say their tacos are delicious, so there's that.

Let's be clear that it's no laughing matter to show up to a business and (allegedly) display a firearm even if it really is a BB gun. Any employee that has been the victim of a holdup will tell you it's a life-changing stressful moment even if there is no real danger present.

According to The Smoking Gun report, Antonio Murray is being held without bond while awaiting trial.

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